Rajesh Prasad.
Rajesh于2016年10月任命了新兴市场的总裁。在这一角色中,他侧重于促进基于价值观的文化,开发个人才能和团队,并在新兴市场建立IDEX的能力,为客户赢得胜利。Previously, he served as vice president and managing director of IDEX India, starting in September 2009. While there, he helped build the company’s first Greenfield project in India in 2011, developing our team, achieving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over 30%, and doubling our manufacturing footprint in India. He established the IDEX India Academy to promote talent development and long-term growth in that country. Rajesh joined IDEX in 1998 in our Warren Rupp business unit as regional manager responsible for India and the Middle East region. In 2001 he was promoted to director, marketing and customer service for Asia Commercial Organization (ACO), where he helped establish our first IDEX integrated commercial offices in Shanghai and Mumbai in 2002 and oversaw a growth rate of over 20%. He held several other positions at IDEX, including director of sales and marketing for the South Asia and Middle East region of ACO, where he helped grow the business by 45% CAGR and set up IDEX Middle East in Dubai. Rajesh also served as managing director, Asia and Middle East, for our Fuels and Sanitary segments. He is chairperson of the IDEX India Foundation, which supports children in the local village by contributing to their all-round development, improving infrastructure, and building a new school building. The Foundation is also engaged in skill development for women in the neighbouring villages to help them gain jobs and improve their earning potential.
Vikas Narkar.
Vikas Narkar于2019年9月被任命为印度的董事总经理.Vikas加入IDEX印度6年后作为CI领导者,随着责任越来越多的责任,第一个领先的运营,建立强大的团队Vraybet的群ikas拥有超过20年的行业经验使用各种本地和MNC组织的角色在建设团队,流程优化,卓越运营和向客户提供价值方面取得了稳固的经验。Vikas有仆人领导风格,直观地思考8020。

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